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Super cool psychic stuff

This page is completely about psychic behaviour (ESP, or extrasensory perception)and how it works (as far as I know). I personally have been capable of communicating through telepathy(sending information to people through the mind) and I also have a power called clairvoyance (the ability to see things that will happen  through dreams and/or visions). These are the most popular forms of ESP, along with a couple of true examples, as well as two ways to you can  help you develop your ESP. 

"Clear seeing,"The ability to see or know things, usually in the form of visions or mental impressions. This most commonly happens through dreams, though some people are known to go into a trance (see definition of trance).
Extrasensory perception, the ability to pick up information by means other than the five senses. This is also known as the sixth sense. Everything on this page is a part of this.
Knowing something without going through any cognitive processing. Ever had a feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong, then thats exactly what happens? That is a good example of intuition.
A person who hashighly developed ESP. Also, a general term used to describe mental, subconcious or spiritual matters.
influencing the movement of objects using only the mind.
The ability tho know the history of an object or its owner by holding the object.
Remote viewing
A technique in wich a trained "viewer" tries to see or experience an event that is happening at a distance.
The transfer of information from one person to another using only the mind. This usually happens with someone you know (friend or foe).
An altered state of conciousness in which a person has access to mental abilities he or she cannot perform in a normal, waking state.  

Psychic phenomena experienced by people
                    Several years ago,  in california, a teenage girl was found walking down a country road. Her arms had been chopped off an hour earlier. She kept mumbling to herself, "I'm the bionic woman".  One hour after her arms had been chopped off, she still hadn't collapsed from loss of blood. The girl later explained that what she had been doing was trying to stop herself from bleeding to death. She was imagining that she was a machine, and therefore couldn't bleed.  This is an example of psychokinesis.(pronounced sycokinesis)
                     During one of his experiments, world-renowned
Dr. Osmond was given an envelope to hold. He was filled with a sense of terror. He had a vision of a gothic castle or mansion, and the sense and smell of burning. He was later told that the envelope contained something that came from a castle in Ireland that had burned down over one hundred years ago.  What Dr. Osmond experienced is called psychometry.
ESP and Kids
                    Everyone has ESP. Kids have it as well, in fact, they have more of it than adults!! Unfortunately, kids begin to lose this power around age seven, and it is almost completely gone by age twelve. But, it is possible to bring back these powers in various ways. In several countries, the police uses children with ESP to find criminals and murderers.  

Two ways to re-awaken the ESP in you


You need: two wire hangars, four empty thread spools, wire cutters, glue, three identical sheets of paper, a friend to help,and a coin.  Using the wire cutters, cut the hangar on the left side, 10cm away from the hook. Next, cut the hangar on the right side, right after the hangar forms a corner. You should end up with a crooked L-shape. Take the bent part, and keep bending it untilit makes a 90 angle.  Glue two of the four spools together, make sure that the holes are aligned. Put the short end of your L-shape into this hole.  Repeat These steps with the other hangar and the other two spools.  Now, leave the room with your dowsing rods, and have your friend hide the coin under one of the sheets of paper. When you return, hold your dowsing rods over each peice of paper, one at a time, holdin the spools, making sure that the long part  is parallel to the ground; pointing out in front of you. when your dowsing rods cross and/or pull downwards, check to see if you found the coin. Try to take your time and keep an open mind. If you practice, you will get better at it.


To try psychometry, you need an item belonging to a parent or grandparent that has great sentimental value and/or a history of some sort. Study the object for several minutes, Then hold it to your forehead. Let mental images come to you, and don't block out any thoughts or sensations brought to you during this time. After trying to sense its history, ark its owner to tell you. How close were you? Don't give up. This ability almost always improves with practice. Keep trying always using different objects.



I've had a few psychic encouters worth mentioning myself. They're nothing big really, but with practise it could improve and I will eventually be very good at it. I mostly get this type of psychic experience through clairvoyance, or being able to see the future. Anyways, tho only point of this extra text is to let you know(again) that this can come with practise. I had lots of practise, with friends is best. Not only does it make it more fun, but it works better when you're relaxed and aren't focusing too hard on getting everything the way you want. Another way you can practise is to have a friend pick a book with pictures in it. Then, you have to say every color, shape, animal, anything that comes to mind. If that color or shape or whatever is in the picture, your friend will say yes or no. After awhile, switch places with your friend and pick a new picture. Sometimes you just need to know who's the better reciever and who's the better sender. Once you figure that out, you can become amazingly accurate! See how accurate you can be! I've managed to get the exact picture out of a book that I've never even heard of before.